Top Memorable Experiences in Faro

Best Things to Do in Faro Category: Portugal Travel Guide Posted Date: 2nd February 2023

If there’s one city that has more Portuguese vibes than others in the country, it’s Faro! This city is a complete package when it comes to a perfect holiday. The city boasts an exquisite marina, a beautiful Cidade Velha or Old Town, with rich history and culture. Located on the Atlantic Ocean coast, this charming town is also known as the gateway to the South of Portugal. This naturally and culturally vibrant city offers a plethora of things to do.

Here are the top things to do in Faro –

Explore the Old Town

Cidade Velha, the Old Town of Faro is surrounded by medieval walls. The cobbled streets, old buildings, and streets of the Old Town will take you on a journey to the ancient Faro. Enter this town through the Arco da Vila, which is a 19th-century arch. You will surely feel the vibe of the old days while strolling down the cobbled pedestrian streets. There are rows of orange trees in the town that fill Cidade Velha with a nice and sweet smell. And, all roads lead to Largo da Sé where Faro’s squat, chunky cathedral takes center stage. After soaking in the tranquil environment of the Old Town, head to Largo da Sé and spend some time at Faro’s Cathedral.

Experience the Joy of a Tourist Train Ride

Enjoy riding the tourist train or Comboio Turística, when you are in Faro. This train journey is not only enjoyable but is also one of the top things to experience in the town. The train journey starts from Jardim Manuel Bivar and lets you take in the views of the top Faro attractions such as Ria Formosa, Tavira Castle, and the Old Town. The best thing about this train ride is that you can hop on and hop off as per your wish. It takes around 45 minutes to take this exciting train ride. You will also be able to learn about the different attractions because of the availability of an audio guide.

Visit Sé (Cathedral)

Consecrated in the late 13th century, Faro Cathedral has been facelifted many times, which led to the addition of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque features over time. Thanks to the multiple restorations the cathedral now gives a very higgledy-piggledy look. One of the earliest features of this cathedral includes a square Gothic tower. You can climb the tower to enjoy the mesmerizing views of the streets and lagoons of the city. The interiors of the church look incredibly stunning because of the Capela de Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres, a chapel adorned with gilded wood carvings and other fine details, and the beautiful chancel with azulejos panels.

Appreciate the Nature at Parque Natural da Ria Formosa

When it comes to exploring the natural scenery of Faro, Parque Natural da Ria Formosa is an ideal place. This nature reserve has an abundance of remote islands, sandy beaches, and marshland with 60 km of coastline between Praia de Faro to Cacela Velh. One of the top tourist attractions in Faro, this reserve offers myriad activities to do. You can take a sightseeing cruise tour from Faro and to Ilha Deserta (Deserted Island) and take in the enchanting views of birds such as spoonbill and flamingo. And don’t forget to enjoy lunch at the single restaurant of Ilaha Deserta as it will be a completely different experience for you.

Dig the History with Museums

If you are a history buff, museums are what you would love to visit. Museums in Faro are full of artifacts and manuscripts that date back multiple centuries. The battles, the conquests, the artistry of great artists, and the revolution related to architecture and socio-economics journey, all of it is preserved for you to witness. Museu Regional Do Algarve, Museu Municipal de Faro, Museu de Portimão, and Castelo de Loulé are some major museums that will take you back to the pre-historic and modern era of Portugal.

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