An Easy-to-Understand Guide on Long-term Car Rentals in Portugal

Long-Term-Car-Rental-Portugal Category: Portugal Travel Guide Posted Date: 28th September 2023
Have a long holiday planned in Portugal or staying in the country for a longer duration for reasons known to you? No matter the purpose of your visit, a rental car is easily your best and safest bet to enjoy your time comfortably in Portugal. While booking a daily car rental may sound like an easy choice, it can be slightly hassling and not to mention, expensive. This is where we would like to introduce you to a more cost-effective and convenient solution- long-term car rental.

What is a Long-term Car Rental?

A long-term rental is a deal type that enables the renter to hire a car for a longer period which can be a month long or more depending upon the requirements. Long-term car rentals are popular among customers with long-term travel plans since they tend to be cheaper and eliminate the need to rent a car daily when in Portugal.

Long-term Car Rental Deals in Portugal

Several car suppliers in Portugal offer long-term rental cars at cheap prices. Whether you need to rent a car for a month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, or anything in between, you can find a huge variety of long-term deal types with the supplier of your choice in Portugal at some of the major locations, including Lisbon, Faro, Porto, etc. Wondering how to book a cheap monthly car rental near you in Portugal? Your answer lies here. Just add your trip details to the booking engine and conduct a search. You will be presented with a list of deals that are available in Portugal. Compare your options and book a car deal that fits your requirements.

Popular Car Rental Locations in Portugal

People arriving in Portugal with a plan to stay in the country for an extended period find it incredibly convenient to hire a car to get around flexibly and comfortably with guaranteed privacy. Whether arriving at the airport or railway station, there are a myriad of car rental locations scattered in Portugal at favorable places, making it easier for renters to choose a pick-up/drop-off location as per their convenience. This not only opens the possibility for one-way car rentals but also enables you to plan exhilarating road trips in your hired car, such as Faro to Lisbon, Lisbon to Seville, Porto to Lisbon, etc., to admire the beauty of Portugal.

Top Cities to Rent a Car in Portugal

Top Airports to Rent a Car in Portugal

Car Rental Companies in Portugal

Portugal is home to an array of esteemed international and domestic car rental providers. They have their branches at the most convenient locations in Portugal, making it easier to locate them. Reputed to offer quality services and the flexibility to book rental vehicles for any duration, the suppliers in question have a diverse selection of clean and well-maintained cars in their inventory. From economy and SUVs to vans/minivans and luxury/premium, there’s a huge variety to choose from when it comes to hiring a car with these suppliers.

To find the best supplier among the lot, you can simply make the comparison in terms of ratings, prices, benefits, car range, etc., through a credible & reliable medium.

Eligibility Criteria for Long-term Car Rentals in Portugal


Meeting the age requirement is one of the most important criteria to become eligible for a car rental in Portugal. The minimum age to hire a car in Portugal is 18-24, which can vary according to the supplier. Each company has a pre-defined age requirement for their section of cars. To gather more information regarding the same, you can refer to the supplier Rental Terms of the supplier you’re considering renting a car with. It should be noted that underage renters may need to pay an additional Young Driver fee for booking a rental car in Portugal.


When picking up your rented car in Portugal, you need to ensure that you’re carrying the mandatory documents, including a valid and original driver’s license, Rental Confirmation Voucher, and a valid ID card or passport. Some car suppliers also require an International Driver’s License (IDL) along with the original driver’s license in case your national driving license is not in the Latin alphabet. Instructions related to the required documents are specified in the supplier Rental Terms, you can peruse them for a better understanding.

Credit Card

It’s essential to carry a credit card, which must be in the main driver’s name when hiring a car in Portugal. A security deposit of a certain amount is held using the credit card you provide to the supplier. The amount is refundable and it gets refunded after the return of the rental vehicle.

Tips to Book a Cheap Long-term Car Rental in Portugal

Make a Booking in Advance

Whether renting a car for a month or longer, the best way to secure a cheaper rental deal in Portugal is to book a car well ahead of your trip. It is one of the easiest ways to score a better and budget-friendly deal. Don’t wait until the last moment to make a reservation, try to hire your ride at least a week prior to your visit.

Aim for an Economy Car

If you’re traveling solo or in a small group, booking an economy car would allow you to cut costs, enabling you to save more. Suppliers in Portugal have a diverse fleet of cars belonging to an affordable range, such as mini, economy, and compact. Considering these car types tend to be fuel-efficient, you will end up spending less on fuel as well.

Book with the Right Platform

With so many car rental service providers in the market, finding the right platform can be a task. But we’re here to simplify things for you. Portugal Rental Cars is a user-friendly and responsive platform that not only makes it easier for users to compare the available deals provided by different companies but also find the best & cheapest long-term car rental offers. Furthermore, Portugal Rental Cars also allows you to book an offline rental car for Portugal. If you are unable to find a car type, supplier, or deal type of your choice, you can reach out to their 24/7 customer support.

The Longer the Duration, the Cheaper the Deal

One of the best advantages of long-term car rentals is that they tend to be cheaper than daily or short-term rentals. In fact, the longer your rental period, the cheaper the deal becomes. Various deals ranging from one-month rental and 3-month rental to 6-month rental and 12-month rental are made available by the suppliers at attractive prices.

Keep on Comparing

One of the keys to securing a better and cheaper rental car is to keep on comparing the deals until you find the one that ticks the right boxes. Considering that rental prices can vary based on multiple factors, such as supplier, car type, location, etc., you should spend some time making comparisons among the available deals using the right platform to find the perfect long-term rental car for Portugal.

Whether looking for cheaper monthly car rentals, hassle-free booking, or the top deals and suppliers in Portugal, Portugal Rental Cars has got everything you need. This all-in-one platform brings the best long-term car rental deals under a single roof, allowing you to make an easy comparison and reserve a car quickly.

So what’re you waiting for? Explore the deals to grab the best offer while you can.

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