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Rivers, beaches, lush valleys, cliffs, coves and beyond, Portugal is a splendid holiday destination that very well blends together serenity and adventure. On your voyage to Portugal, you are likely to be amazed by its charming vistas. Full of traditional villages, an engaging countryside, and a plethora of the UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Angra do Heroismo and Evora, Portugal is a land of diversities. Beginning with the places of interest here, the capital city Lisbon and its northern sibling Porto will take you on a joyous ride. When in Portugal, you will find bohemian cafes, nightclubs, world-class restaurants, unique-themed boutiques, and majestic plazas. Even the small town of Sintra is such a fascinating tourist spot. The villa of Quinta da Regaleira and the National Palace are its proud possessions.

There are also beautiful places such as Moinho and Madeira Island to explore in Portugal. The country is a gateway to a series of adventures that are best experienced in the cities of Guimaraes, Coimbra, and Braga amongst others. These cities boast of well-preserved striking medieval attractions that are symbolic of regal past. Algarve deserves a special mention here as the region takes pride in its mild weather. Beautiful cliffs, eating joints, golf course, nature reserves, resorts and spas surround Algarve. That being said, renting a car in Portugal is preferred by the majority of tourists as it gives the much required freedom to explore the country.

Things to See and Do in Portugal

Explore the Regal Past

History buffs can head to these destinations including Cradle City ‘Guimaraes’ or visit the Rome of Portugal ‘Braga’ to dig into regal past. The monastery of Alcobaca is well worth being included in your itinerary. The whitewashed houses and architectural marvels of Evora also hold historic importance.

Enjoy the Nightlife of Bairro Alto

Bairro Alto is best defined as bohemian heart of Lisbon. It’s often called Mecca for shoppers and features a thrilling nightlife. The calm streets here turn to party ground during night. For party goers, there is lot to be happy about such as sleek bars, graffiti-facades, loud Lisbon music and a super-stylish crowd.

Visiting the Serene Ponta da Piedade

Lagos itself is a fascinating town known for exciting nightlife and marine area. Further down in south, the headland of Ponta de Piedade is a natural bliss. The color of the water is beyond description and formations formed out of rocks are also equally captivating. Being here is truly a delightful experience.

Try Your Hand at Horse Riding

Well known for its Lusitano Horse, Portugal is indeed the ideal destination to head to. With picture-perfect scenery, varied terrain, beautiful coastline and a rolling hillside; the Portuguese land gives visitors enough opportunities to try their hand at horse riding. Some of the cities include Porto, Coimbra and Lisbon.

Exploring Splendid Scenic Wonders

Costa Vincentina National Park located in St. Vincent is bound to amaze you with its spectacular sunsets. The stunning marine life is a sight to behold. Another Portuguese highlight is the heavenly Azores housing verdant villages, folklore and warm populace. Douro River Valley is another name to feature on the list.

The Captivating City of Madeira

This place is holidaymakers’ choice in Portugal. Breathtaking views, a green wrap all over the archipelago, delicious cuisines, upmarket accommodations and an unspoiled essence in the nature; Madeira is a tourist hub that never fails to amaze visitors with its unique charm.

A Unique Experience to Oceanarium

The second-biggest aquarium of World, it is symbolic of World-class architecture. You may not get to experience underwater wonders so close anywhere else in the World. Its center is a huge 5-million water tank that represents the ecosystems of Antarctic, Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Ocean.

Useful Phrases

  • Queria fazer uma reserva- I want to make a reservation
  • Um Pouco- A little
  • A conta, por favor- If you want to ask for bill
  • Chame a polícia!- To call the police
  • Com licença!- Excuse me
  • Eu gosto do português.- In the context of saying, 'I like Portuguese'
  • Não entendo- To say, 'I don't understand'
  • Você fala inglês?- Do you speak in English?
  • Você pode me ajudar?- To ask for help
  • Estou perdido/ perdida (female)- If you can't find the way and intend to say 'I'm lost'
  • Siga em frente, depois vire a esquerda (direita)- To tell someone to go straight and take a left (right)

Where to Stay in Portugal

Quinta Jardins do Lago


Address: Dr. João Lemos Gomes 29, 9000-208, Funchal, Madeira

Description: On the top of a hill, this is a nice hotel with spacious rooms and beautiful décor.

The Cliff Bay


Address: Estrada Monumental 147, Funchal, Portugal

Description: A 5-star hotel located in spellbinding scenic settings.

The Yeatman


Address: Rua do Choupelo 88, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Description: The best luxury hotel in Porto enjoys a stunning view of Douro River.

EPIC SANA Lisboa Hotel


Address: Av. Eng. Duarte Pacheco 15, 1070-100 Lisboa, Portugal

Description: This place is edgy, excellent in service and comfortable to stay back for long.

Where to Eat in Portugal

Portuguese gastronomy may not be the best in Europe, but gorging upon the local delicacies is certainly a unique experience. Sea food is a regular staple here that complements almost every dish. The Brazilian spice peri-peri is also frequently being used as an ingredient in shrimps and chicken. When it comes to sweet flavors, chocolate mousse, sugar-based cakes, arroz doze, etc are a few counted eatables you may find at almost every eatery.

Be it the pork sandwich in Porto or the custard-filled tarts that are specifically made in Lisbon; the delicacies prepared here are symbolic of admiration of people here for food. There are some local dishes that are not unique to Portugal, but have been made so by using local flavors. Some of these creations are Bacalhau á bràs, Tripa à moda do Porto, Açorda de mariscos, Pastéis de nata and Lulas recheadas à lisbonense to name a few notable names.

Bairrada, Estremadura, Dao, Ribatejo and the Douro constitute the wine regions in Portugal. Thus, irrespective of if you are a local resident or a traveler looking forward to sample the best ever wine, Portugal won’t leave you disappointed. Aguardente, Beirão and Ginjinha are the three unique liqueurs here that very well complement a nice meal and are worth tasting. Noobai and the Park are two of the most sought after places in Portugal wherein you can sip-in your favorite drink alongside enjoying a stunning view.

The Most Visited Restaurants in Portugal

  • Casa Guedes in Porto (Famous dish- slabs of roasted pork in brown rolls with sheep’s cheese)
  • Chapito e Mesa in Lisbon is an informal place and is known to serve every food with a twist
  • Decadente in Bairro Alto is ideally suited for lunch (famous dishes-salmon and crisp white wine)
  • Sao Frutuoso in Braga is known for cooking food traditionally (Famous dish- pasteis de bacalhau)
  • Restaurante da Praia in Algarve is a good option by the beachside (famous dish- Stewed octopus with sweet potato)