Everything to Know About Renting a Car in Funchal

Car-Rental-Guide-For-Funchal Category: Portugal Travel Guide Posted Date: 26th January 2024

Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Funchal is Madeira Island’s capital and largest city with many things to offer to all kinds of travelers. From being a commercial and cultural center to a tourist hub, Funchal is the heart and soul of the island. Boasting an array of botanical gardens, panoramic viewpoints, museums, and much more, the city leaves tourists spoilt for choice when it comes to creating an itinerary. The list doesn’t end with just popular attractions, the city is home to a myriad of hidden spots that are worth exploring, such as Calhau da Lapa, São Tiago Beach, Campo da Barca Garden, etc.

That being said, arranging a reliable transportation method is equally important, and what could be better than having your own private vehicle? Madeira Island is home to plenty of car rental companies that deliver a comprehensive fleet of vehicles for different travel needs and budgets. Let’s dive into this part a little further and cover everything related to car rental in Funchal.

Why Rent a Car in Funchal?

Whether exploring Funchal or other parts of the island, renting a car will do you good, and you will certainly enjoy your time here even more. While taxis and buses are readily available, car hire is easily one of the most convenient ways to get around the island and explore both popular and hidden gems with ease and utmost comfort. Also, no matter the number of days you’re planning to stay in the city, with a car rental by your side, you won’t have to worry about arranging a ride for yourself daily, considering you can book a rental for as many days as you like.

In short, a car rental offers quick and easy connectivity to other locations, enabling you to save time, money, and effort.

Madeira has a well-maintained road network, but driving here can be a slightly unique experience, especially for tourists visiting the island for the first time. The mountainous terrain and winding roads make it an interesting drive. And if escapades like this are way up your list, the best way you can experience it here is by hiring a vehicle.

Compare the Best Funchal Car Rental Deals From These Companies

From top international players to local brands, Funchal houses a multitude of car rental companies offering an extensive range of deals comprising different vehicles. Given the number of available options, feeling confused is quite normal but you can make it easy for yourself by making a quick comparison among the companies in terms of their services and the best way to do that is by reading the customer reviews online. As far as grabbing the best and cheapest deal is concerned, you can compare the top car rentals delivered by the suppliers here in the most hassle-free way.

Car Rental Locations for Pick-up & Drop-off in Funchal

A well-maintained network of rental suppliers available in Funchal provides customers with multiple options when it comes to selecting a pick-up and return point in the city. The companies have their offices stationed at some of the most convenient spots, including the airport and city center, offering easy accessibility to renters. Based on your convenience and the location that’s nearest to you, make a selection among the options provided below.

Types of Car Rentals Available in Funchal

The companies keep a wide range of rental vehicles in their inventory for every budget and rental need. From big and small to budget-friendly and high-end options, there’s a type for everyone.

When choosing a vehicle, prioritize your needs & requirements and look for a car that is best suited for your trip. The number of passengers, luggage size and quantity, transmission, fuel type, budget, and head & leg space are some of the aspects to consider when making a choice, you can even use filters to narrow down your search and only get access to those deals that fall within your requirements.

  • Mini/Economy/Compact
  • Standard/Intermediate
  • Van/Minivan
  • SUV
  • Luxury/Premium
  • Convertible

Besides different models of vehicles, you also get an option to choose among electric, hybrid, petrol, and diesel cars. So pick what you prefer and be sorted for your Funchal expedition.

Requirements to Rent a Car in Funchal

  • Age Requirement

    The minimum car rental age requirement in Funchal is 19-21 years. The terms and conditions can be different for each company and therefore, it’s advised to check out the supplier Rental Terms for clarity.

    Drivers under 25 may need to pay an additional Young Driver Surcharge if requested by the supplier. Additionally, there may be age restrictions involved for certain car types. So make sure to provide the right information, including your age, while filling in the booking form to get only those deals you’re eligible to book.

  • Documentation Requirement

    To ensure a successful vehicle pick-up, bring along all the documents mentioned in your Rental Confirmation Voucher, including a full & valid driver’s license and a valid ID card, such as a passport.

    Apart from that, you’re also recommended to carry an International Driving Permit (IDP) along with your domestic Driver’s License (DL) in case the DL is in the non-Latin alphabet.

  • Payment Method

    A majority of suppliers only accept a credit card to collect the payment or security deposit. Cash, prepaid cards, and debit cards aren’t widely accepted. Therefore, make it a point to carry a credit card belonging to the renter in whose name the booking has been made.

    The security amount collected during the pick-up is refunded as soon as the vehicle is returned. For more information on the payment policy, refer to your preferred supplier’s Rental Terms.

Choose a Deal Type Based on your Requirements

Car rental deals in Funchal are customizable and can be tailored according to your needs. Whether you need to hire a car for a day, week, month, or more, you can easily personalize a deal and book it in advance either online or offline for a hassle-free experience.

  • Short-term Car Rental

    All your plans requiring to rent a car for not more than three weeks in Funchal would be covered under short-term deals. Also, if you wish to book a car rental for just a few hours, you will still have to pay for a whole day.

    Types of Short-term Deals: Daily (One Day/24 Hours), Weekend, Weekly (1, 2, or 3 weeks)
  • Long-term Car Rental

    Need a ride for a longer duration? Booking a long-term deal is easily your safest bet. Other than being a more convenient choice, monthly rental deals tend to be comparatively cheaper. You can book a Funchal car rental for as long as you want (subject to availability).

    Types of Long-term Deals: One Month, Three Months, Six Months and more.
  • Last-minute Car Rental

    Needing a private vehicle is a situation that can arise anytime and for such cases, suppliers offer last-minute rentals. So whether it’s an impromptu road trip in Funchal or another sort of emergency, you can book yourself a rented car on short notice.

  • One-way Car Rental

    Suppliers in Funchal provide an option to book a one-way deal, allowing you to return the vehicle to a different location in the city. For instance, if you’re renting a car from Funchal Downtown, you can choose to drop it off at Funchal Madeira Airport (FNC). Companies charge a small fee for such deals.

Top Tips to Secure a Cheap Car Rental Deal in Funchal

  • Make an Advanced Booking

    One of the best and easiest ways to save money on car rentals is by making a reservation well ahead of the pick-up date. The prices tend to go higher the closer you approach the pick-up date and therefore, it’s advised to book a vehicle of your choice as early as possible. Also, the rental prices tend to be cheaper in the off-season. Keeping these things in mind will allow you to find better and cheaper deals.

  • Book an Economy Car

    Of all the rentals delivered by the companies, cars from the economy segment are the cheapest and most suitable options for solo and budget travelers. Mini, Economy, and Compact cars fall in this category. They come with decent luggage space and are good enough to carry up to 4 passengers.

  • Compare the Deals Thoroughly

    Don’t go with the first deal you come across while looking for rental cars. Make a thorough comparison among the car rentals offered by different suppliers in the city to find and secure the cheapest offer. Portugal Rental Cars is a trusted platform that offers a quick & easy comparison of the deals from top brands. You can even refine your search based on your needs to view only those deals that fit your requirements.

  • Rent for a Longer Period

    Did you know that long-term rentals in comparison to other deals are much cheaper? The prices of rental cars booked for a longer duration tend to be low. If you would need to rent a vehicle frequently in Funchal, you can consider booking a long-term deal not only for convenience but also to save extra in the process.

  • Go for a Full-to-Full Fuel Policy

    The fuel policy can be different for each deal but if you’re looking to save some money, you can consider booking a rental deal that comes with a full-to-full fuel policy. Cars with this policy are delivered with their tanks full and at the time of drop-off, you can return it by refilling the tank. This will save you from extra charges the supplier may have imposed had you returned it with a half or empty tank.

Although small in size, Funchal is a place that will never leave you disappointed and has a comprehensive list of things to offer in terms of tourist places and activities. From stunning botanical gardens boasting a huge variety of plants from all over the world to historical sites and modern museums offering a fascinating glimpse into Madeira’s glorious history with a detailed overview, the list goes on and on, leaving you with endless things to do in the city.

While there are a plethora of places to discover and explore, we’ve narrowed down our list to the best ones.

  • Madeira Botanical Gardens
  • Monte Palace Tropical Gardens
  • Sé Cathedral of Funchal
  • Church of Our Lady of Monte
  • Funchal Old Town
  • Mercado dos Lavradores
  • Santa Catarina Park
  • Sao Vicente Caves & Volcanism Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the car rental price in Funchal?

    The rental rates can vary from supplier to supplier depending on certain factors like the duration, season, car type, etc. To get an estimate regarding the prices and secure a cheap deal, you can run a search on Portugal Rental Cars’ search engine. You can view the top deals delivered by the best suppliers in the city at discounted prices.

  • How to book a car rental near me in Funchal?

    Head to Portugal Rental Cars’ booking engine, look for all the rental locations available in the city, and select the one that’s nearest to you. Enter the remaining details like the dates, time, and age, and click on search to get access to all the available deals. Compare the options and reserve the one that best meets your needs.

  • Can I reserve a car rental without a security deposit in Funchal?

    Most suppliers collect a security deposit from renters during car pick-up. The security amount is collected using the main driver’s credit card, so it’s advised to bring it along.

  • What are the best car rental companies in Funchal?

    Go Car Rental, Funchal Drive, Why Not, Surprice, Dollar, Avis, Budget, and Sixt are among the most sought-after car rental suppliers available in Funchal. Most of them have their branches at or near the Funchal Airport (FNC).

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