Driving from Lisbon to Faro – A road trip in Portugal

Road trip in Portugal – Driving from Lisbon to Faro Category: Portugal Travel Guide Posted Date: 22nd March 2019
The Algarve Coast of Portugal has a been a hub for tourists since 1961 and is the top region for road trips as this part of Portugal is a delight in terms of mesmerizing sights. You can also reach Faro from Lisbon in 4 hours but we have divided the road trip into parts as on the way, there is a lot to take in. Portugal is blessed with the most beautiful landscapes in the world comprising vineyards, coasts and valleys. Although, the country has a cheap yet efficient system of public transportation, driving a car in this compact nation comes with a sense of freedom. A car will help you go to all the popular beaches on the way especially a sturdy SUV or a 4WD that will let you drive off the road. Start the trip by renting a car at Lisbon Airport to be independent as soon as you arrive in Portugal.

Lisbon to Faro drive Information

Distance: 277.5 km
Route: via A2
Rental car pick-up location Lisbon Airport
Rental car drop-off location Faro Airport

Explore the most beautiful beaches in the world

Portinho da Arrábida, Praia da Arrifana, Praia de Comporta, Praia do Carvalhal, Praia da Marinha, Praia do Camilo, Praia do Tonel and Ponta de Piedade are just a few of the stunning beaches you can go to during this road trip. July and August are the months when most of the tourists prefer to visit this part of the world but we cannot deny that people visit all the year round. To avoid high-season cost and crowds, plan the trip in any month except August.

A fun-filled road trip from Lisbon to Faro

Day Trip Time Distance Best route Towns to explore on the way Suggested activities
1 Lisbon to Sagres 3 hours 8 minutes 327 km A2
  • Aljezur
  • Alcacer do Sal
  • Porto Cov
  • Setúbal
  • Odeceixe
  • Zambujeira do Mar
  • Comporta
  • Vila Nova de Milfontes
  • Wine-tasting
  • Arrabida Natural Park
  • Comporta Rice Fields
  • Cabo Sardão
  • Sagres Fortress
2,3 and 4 Praia do Beliche to Lagos 40 minutes 35 km N268 & N125
  • Ponta Ruiva
  • Vila do Bispo
  • Surfing
  • Swimming
  • Off-road driving
  • Partying
5 Lagos to Faro 1 hour 88 km A22
  • Albufeira
  • Sightseeing of architectural treasures
  • Performances at Teatro Lethes
  • Flamingos at the sunset
  1. Lisbon to Sagres

  • Starting from the capital of Portugal, you will be in for a scenic delight during this road trip with stunning locations like Aljezur, on the way.
  • Do not miss driving to the picturesque Setúbal which is one hour away from Lisbon
  • Sagres is the southernmost tip of Portugal.
  • Between Lisbon and Sagres, there are multiple scenic towns and natural attractions so you can plan your trip according to where you want to spend the most time.
  • Witness the best of the southwestern coast of Portugal through this road trip.
  • We recommend trying local seafood as well as locally produced wine such as the young wine, Vinho Verde.
  • Explore the relaxed beaches in Porto Covo, this municipality can be best explored on foot.
  1. Praia do Beliche to Lagos

  • 3 km from Sagres, Praia do Beliche is the ravishing beach where you must try the local delicacies and not to forget, it’s known as the number one surf beach in Sagres as well as the whole of western Algarve.
  • Lagos is a resort town with photogenic beaches which are adorned with beautiful rock formations, natural arches and more.
  1. Lagos to Faro

  • Between Lagos and Faro, there are many fishing villages which you must visit.
  • Explore the beautiful Algarve region of Portugal in this road trip, this is the southern-most region of the country that showcases the best of the Mediterranean sea.
  • The ancient city of Faro has a lot to offer to travellers and is the ideal place for witnessing the gorgeousness of the Algarve coast.

Plan you Lisbon to Faro road trip with a rental car

To save money while road tripping in Portugal, you can avoid a one-way car rental and return the car at the point of pickup. And for a comfy ride, do not compromise on the car and make sure that the car has a working horn. You will require a toll tag as well as a GPS navigation or a manual map as the road signs are poorly marked. It’s important to drive cautiously in Portugal as well as to note that most of the roads are not well-maintained. Always drive in daylight as the street-lighting is poor and pedestrians often walk on the road due to a lack of sidewalks. Always follow the local laws such as sticking to speed limits. 112 is the emergency number in Portugal.

Car rental Lisbon to Faro FAQs

Hiring a car for Lisbon to Faro road trip is pretty common among leisure tourists. At Portugal Rental Cars, we not only offer affordable car rentals but also help you to find answers to the most commonly asked questions related to a particular road trip. Have a look at the following queries on renting a car for Lisbon to Faro.
  • Can I book a one way car hire Lisbon to Faro?

    Yes, as almost all the local and international car hire suppliers in Portugal offer one-way deals, you can book a low-cost one way car rental Lisbon to Faro.

  • Can I rent a car in Lisbon return in Porto?

    Yes, you can return your Lisbon car rental in Porto. Our partner car hire suppliers’ locations in Porto are – Campanha Railway Station, Porto Downtown, Porto Airport, Maia, and Ramalde.

  • What is the average price for a Lisbon to Faro car rental?

    Average price for an economy Lisbon to Faro car hire can cost you as low as Euro 22 per day. As prices are subject to change, it is always advisable to check out the latest offers and discounts before making a Lisbon to Faro car hire reservation.

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