Best Places to visit in Portugal during COVID19 Pandemic

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For sure, all of us in the world are in the same boat when it comes to dealing with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, to varying degrees and different stages, and have likely seen a lot of our vacation plans for 2020 canceled. Since most of the main tourist attractions are now open again in Portugal, people can step outside their house by following social distancing and mask-wearing norms. 

The main coronavirus outbreak in Portugal was initially in the north but then moved to the Greater Lisbon area. Therefore, by avoiding crowded places and taking off the beaten path in Alentejo, might be a good getaway option. If you are planning for a road trip, then avoiding bigger cities during these difficult times could be a great idea. Travelers can head into nature and explore some of the hidden gems in the country. Also, road-trips to the inland of Portugal are beautiful and worth a visit. People can get a rental car from Portugal Rental Cars for their journey, especially to limit the use of public transport.

Places to visit in Portugal based on coronavirus restrictions

Algarve and The Alentejo in Portugal, are basically the lower part of the country, that have had much fewer cases, and very limited deaths because of the coronavirus outbreak. So these places, therefore, seem a more ideal spot to plan a vacation. You can find some of the hidden gems and beaches in the Algarve, and you can even check into a vineyard in the Alentejo. Also, in Algarve, specifically around Carvoeiro – The beaches have an actual traffic light system, which helps count people entering and leaving, and showing the red/amber/green sign at the entrance to the beach, and on the app. Isn’t it amazing?

Check the following places that you can visit during this pandemic:

1. Silves 

Being the perfect mix of history, culture, and cuisine, Silves was once the capital of the Arab kingdom in the Algarve. The city’s well preserved red castle is still the largest in the region. Surrounded by orange trees and green hills, Silves town has an ancient Mosque which is now converted to a church providing both Gothic and Baroque features. Pack your essentials like face masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, wipes, etc. and take a trip to Silves.

2. Ponta da Piedade, Lagos

Along the coastline of Lagos, get lost in a maze of caves, and Ponta da Piedade is the best in the town. These honey-colored cliffs against the clear waters make for a water-sport lovers playground. People can sit back and enjoy the ride or jump on a local fishing boat for a beautiful slow-paced tour.

3. Tavira 

Moorish history comes to life in Tavira, where the Maria do Castelo church is home to knights’ tombs, and also, the medieval castle has scenic views. The cobbled streets and sandy beaches here make an excellent base for exploring the Algarve. Also, thanks to the traditional vibes here, it provides a more authentic Portuguese experience to all the visitors. With your rental car from Portugal Rental Cars, you can also explore the nearby attractions.

4. Castle of Paderne Walking Trail

Tourists can explore the ruined church and fortress walls from the 16th century here. Also, taking a stroll nearby a mill with little turtles in the river is a great sight. Take the 2-hour trail past the medieval bridge and get an insight into the long history along the south of Portugal. This place is a hidden treasure if you are looking for escaping the crowds.

5. Ria Formosa

With your Portugal Rental Cars, take a trip to Ria Formosa, a well-deserved member of the 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal. This nature park formed from a mix of quiet beaches, wildlife, and beautiful views, plus the place also looks incredible from above. You can even take boats from Faro, which will take you on day trips or tours, and you can even spend the night on a houseboat here.

Apart from the above-mentioned spots, you can also visit The Archipelagos of Madeira and The Azores. As these places are basically recording close to zero active cases of COVID-19, so they are a perfect place to visit, especially with thorough testing on arrival limits any new transmission threads. People can also go for a road trip from Porto to Faro, in Algarve for best scenic views.

Also, villas with pools are mostly available in the south, and with a lower population density, it is much easier to follow social distancing without having to think about it. That said, there are plenty of places in the country, outside of the main cities that you can visit. The famous castle towns of Obidos and Monsaraz are some of the places worth exploring. However, make sure to check in advance if the place is open for tourists, the visiting hours, or if there are any restrictions on the number of visitors.

Things to keep in mind before traveling to Portugal in 2020

If you are planning a trip to Portugal, the first and the most important thing to consider is if you are allowed to enter the country or not. Keep yourself acquainted with the latest updates from the travel advisories on countries that can enter Portugal. You can follow travel updates on the Schengen zone, EU, and other nearby countries pages as information can change very quickly.

The other important thing that needs to be considered is, which places to visit based on the number of COVID19 positive cases, how to get around, also where to stay, and so on. Do thorough research before planning a trip.

Book a rental car for your trip, as it will minimize the risk of getting infected up to great extent. Also, car hire suppliers at Portugal Rental Cars provide fully sanitized cars to their customers along with free cancellation(up to 48 hours before the pick up) and easy modifications on bookings. Not only this, but payments via digital options are also available.

Where to Stay During this Pandemic?

Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, people might be hesitant to stay in hotels. This year renting Airbnb and villas will be popular, as people can have more private spaces to themselves.

Rules to follow while traveling in Portugal:

Keeping the current situation in mind, check out the following rules that apply in Portugal right now and try to abide by them.

  • Follow the 2 metre distance rule as Social distancing norms.
  • Wear face masks in inside spaces, such as shopping malls, public transport, or restaurants.
  • People can be charged with heavy fines for flouting the rules.
  • No gatherings are allowed for over 20 people.
  • No alcohol to be consumed on public places/roads.

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