The stunning Roman architecture and a medieval old town atmosphere are the major factors that attract tourists to this beautiful city in Portugal. The most befitting way to travel here is with a car rental, which allows you easy access to Castelo Branco city and all its major attractions.

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About Castelo Branco

Castelo Branco is located in central Portugal and comes under the district having the same name. It was established as a human settlement in the 12th century by the Romans. The city is awash with many historic landmarks and monumental heritage and is also the administrative center of the region. Structures like Jardim Episcopal, the old castle wall, and the palace of the Bishop are excellent examples where travelers visit to know the historic importance of this place. Within the Jardim Episcopal, you can visit Museu Francisco Tavares Proenca Junior which displays the rich collection of ancient times that were part of the palace. You should stop by Covilha, Alpedrinha, Monsanto, Parque Do Barrocal, and Castelo dos Templarios for a complete experience of this ancient city.

Car Rental Companies in Portugal

Popular Car Rental Deals for Castelo Branco


  • Mini
    Ford Ka Mini
    EUR 12.61 /day
  • Full Size
    Fiat 500 Convertible Convertible
    EUR 21.46 /day
  • Compact
    Ford Focus Compact
    EUR 15.37 /day
  • Economy
    Chevrolet Spark Economy
    EUR 12.78 /day

Tips for Car Hire in Castelo Branco, Portugal

  • When you wish to save time and prefer having a different pickup and drop-off location you can book a one-way car rental. This service is offered by the suppliers at some additional charges. Castelo Branco to Lisbon is one of the most popularly booked one-way rental routes.
  • If you prefer a Castelo Branco car rental with automatic transmission, you should book as early as possible for assured availability, as most rental vehicles in Portugal are offered with manual transmissions.
  • Keep your driver’s license, rental confirmation voucher, ID proof, and credit card handy, for a hassle-free rental pickup.
  • In case you are running late for the drop-off of your Castelo Branco car hire, inform your supplier directly and proceed as per their instructions. A late return penalty fee may be applied by the supplier in this case.

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