A Trip to The Best Beaches in Portugal

Category: Portugal Travel Guide Posted Date: 21st November 2018

Portugal’s scenic splendors have always been the highlight of this beautiful country. However, what adds to its magnificence is the long stretching coastline that comprises of some of the best beaches you will find across the World. While some of the beaches are known for their sparkling sapphire waters, the others are admired for their aquatic attractions. Either way, there is a long list to be shared, as discussed within…

Praia Dona Ana

Nestled between golden cliff tops, it is one of the most picturesque beaches in Algarve region. It is within walking distance of Lagos and is primarily famous for its crystal clear waters.


Praia do Guincho

On the West Coast near Cascais, it is the ideal beach in Portugal if you are seeking surfing adventures such as windsurfing, kite surfing and regular surfing. Northern winds are predominant here during summers.


Praia da Rocha

Situated in Portimao in Eastern Lagos, it is a beautiful beach. If accompanied by family then begin with a visit to Portimao Museum, followed by exploration of stunning caves and a relaxing swim in the clean calm waters of the beach.


Praia do Castelo

This beach is hidden gem of Portugal. As majority of the travelers restrict their visit to beaches of Albufeira so, this little cove has remained in the shadows over time. Only locals and a few adventure seekers make their way to this splendid vista.


Praia Formosa

Discovered sometime in 1427, it is an old beach on golden island of Azores. It is often called Atlantic Paradise boasting of white sands, crystal clear waters and the ideal conditions for water sports. The sand castle nearby is also worthy of a glimpse.


Those listed above are some of the best beaches in Portugal. To dig deeper, travelers can plan a visit to the other beaches including Praia do Camilo, Praia de Santa Cruz, Praia de Mira and Praia de Cabedelo amongst other beaches in Portugal that are every bit worthy of being visited.

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